Life Lesson #1

There are things that if you learn in life will make your life easier. The first thing is to think. Never just react that is the sign of a stupid person. Think about anytime you ever felt stupid and it was probably after you didn’t think before your decision. Regardless of the actual outcome the fact you thought first instantly make you feel better about your decisions and in most of those decisions you were right not only in your eyes but also in the eyes of the people around the situation. What works for me when I am finding it hard to make a proper decision is with as much information as I know about who or whatever it is I try to put myself in there shoes but I keep my personal self first in whatever decisions. Keeping yourself first is never a bad thing, you are always the most important piece of any puzzle even when trying to save someone else, because if you don’t make it how would you know if they made it. So ultimately always think, but keep yourself first. –TheEndWill.Com

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