On this day of December 28th

As another one of our kids murder goes without consequences I choose to not blame my brothers. I only have one thing to say about this our ancestors fought slavery simply so there kids would not have to live there entire lives as property. Their kids fought racism so there kids would have a Hail Mary shot at living life not as a second class citizen. Their kids fought segregation so we could learn the things they taught their kids so we could have the same opportunities at life. The only thing left is to hold them accountable for their mistakes and misdeeds like we are. Now is the time to teach our kids moral law not United State law. U.S. laws were made by slave owners, racist, and people who practiced segregation but moral law was simply made by man. From here on out lets not teach our kids U.S. law because that law murders them or let there murders go free, lets just teach our kids whatever it takes to make it back home to their families.
On this day in 2015 – A grand jury declined to charge a Cleveland patrolman who fatally shot a 12-year-old boy holding a pellet gun, capping more than a year of investigation into a case that added to national outrage over white officers killing African-Americans. –TheEndWill.Com

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