On this day in American History

On January 5, 2016, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder declared Genesee County to be in a state of emergency. Snyder also apologized for the Flint Water Crisis.
Just incase you are unaware, after Flint changed its water source from treated Detroit Water and Sewerage Department water (which was sourced from Lake Huron as well as the Detroit River) to the Flint River, its drinking water had a series of problems that culminated with lead contamination, creating a serious public health danger. The corrosive Flint River water caused lead from aging pipes to leach into the water supply, causing extremely elevated levels of lead. In Flint, between 6,000 and 12,000 children have severely high levels of lead in the blood and experienced a range of serious health problems. The water change is also a possible cause of an outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in the county that has killed 10 people and affected another 77.
No matter how forgiving of a person you are I’m sure the parents of those kids and the kids themselves do not except.

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