A Letter to Mrs. Clinton

Dear Mrs. Clinton,
           Hi Hillary my name is Black America you know birthplace of the “Super Predators”. We’d like to say thanks for concerts, well thanks but no thanks, because even though it’s always dope to see Jigga and The Queen B on stage with some of our favorite artist, we received that and only that last time with President Obama. This time we would actually like for someone to promise us something for our votes. Although we are definitely not fans of Donald Trump dumb ass, we have also come to the realization that no matter who get into office, nothing ever changes for us (Black America). So with all due respect, we don’t care about minority programs because today, everyone is a minority, we are specific people with problems specific to us. Problems caused mainly by the people who created this country, passed it down from generation to generation and then built it structurally into society.  We are taking this time to say “No More.”  We want something back. A promise and Mrs. Clinton, we are going to hold you to it. If not, we (Black America) will stay home, because this year WE WANT SOMETHING. We’re tired of simply exercising our right to vote purely for exercising and this year we have decided to go to the gym or take a walk around the park for experience. There is not a Black American that is not on board with this, the reason, we realize that we live in a country where Donald Trump is an option. But this isn’t for Trump or his supporters because lets face it, they definitely couldn’t care less about us, this is purely for you Mrs. Clinton. We a people of used, mistreated, and now neglected American citizens are now choosing to exercise our right to negotiate our votes for something tangible this year like all other races and communities across this country or we will simply not vote at all. With November 8th quickly approaching I know that this puts you in a compromising position by political standards and to that we say that there is no greater compromising position then to be black and in America. We have endured every form of oppression, humiliation, and mistreatment imaginable at the hands of the dominant population and the people who run this country and this year we plan to bring our issues to the forefront by not blindly following political figures who promise us (Black Americans) specifically nothing. Our problems are now yours, but instead of you feeling the nervousness of getting pulled over by a cop and being black, you will feel the nervousness of knowing that we Black America have discovered true political power even at this late stage of the game and will not support you if you do not support us.
Black America
P.S. Oh and no more Civil Rights laws either because your nation of racist cops and courts never enforce them.

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