On this day of June 16th (Remembering Shakur)

To those of us who choose to honour the late, great Tupac Shakur on this day June 16th his birthday please be aware of all things concerning him and his loved ones. Although I’m sure he would have appreciated the love from the masses on this day because it shows the impact he has had on all our lives, I’m sure this would not make him too happy on his birthday. Assata Shakur, we love you as much as we loved your nephew, and Trump does not speak for all Americans. To President Trump the man who claims that he will make America “Great Again” as if it ever was “Great” in the first place, we to hear all of your complaints about America and it’s witch hunts and fake media. But allow me to be the first to tell you, Mr President, that these things have always existed and this so-called “political prisoner” you are calling for the return of is living proof. Although I only have basic knowledge about Cuba and it’s treatment of its citizens, I do have a vast knowledge of America and it’s treatment of its citizens. Being born and raised here I can tell you that America has little room to past judgement on ANY country. I would like to thank Cuba for allowing one of our queens to reside there in freedom, the same freedom she fought for us to have here in this prison we call the United States of America, and I’m sure if he was alive Tupac Shakur would also give thanks. –TheEndWill.Com
P.S.  We Support Hands off Assata we don’t care if the reward was 2 billion of your devaluing America dollars.

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