What is UShieldMe and The Shield?

Have a look it may save your life.

There is a feeling that all people get when they look in their rearview mirror and see police lights. There is also a feeling that the police get when they approach an unfamiliar vehicle, but ‘The Shield’ from UShieldMe.com helps to bring THE END to both. Please watch and see how below.

What is The Shield?

Take your pick below

The Shield

Thin vinyl magnetic vehicle information holder

$10 plus shipping

The Shield Elite

Faux leather magnetic vehicle information holder

$20 plus shipping

Make your purchase by clicking the version you want above or by visiting UShieldMe.com directly. Instead of writing about this new life-saving invention below is an interview with its creators. Everyone should have The Shield to remove some of the normal anxiety you have from your next traffic stop, but I say ALL BLACK MEN specifically should have one of these in every vehicle!!! Mothers if you love your Sons & Husbands make sure he drives with one of these at all times. Thanks! – TheEndWill.Com

The Owners

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