Should we be using love to find our soulmate?

My answer to that question is NO. Now please allow me to explain. I am a person that believes love is not selective, so if one believes in love in its true essence than they cannot use it as a compass to select anyone. So to me, the so-called love that people use to select a mate is artificial, there is only the love one feels, in general, i.e. like for your mom, your family, or a close friend. All religions speak of love but one type of love and they specifically say that you should love all people, and none say you should love one specific person more than all the rest. I believe that when societies try to use love as a selection process it destroys the concept completely. So how can one tell their soulmate by not using love as the guiding principle, because technically you should love everyone like all gods have told their creations since the beginning of time. Well first & foremost you will just know your soulmate and the knowing is always mutual, never one-sided, and if for some reason you miss it everyone that sees you interact with them will know and tell you. Soulmates have a connection that cannot be hidden, that cannot be broken, and cannot be shared so to that answer age-old question, “Do all men cheat?” No, any man with discipline will not cheat, but even an undisciplined man will not cheat if he has found his soulmate. No passing souls can ever interfere with your connection to your soulmate just like no passing souls can keep you guys apart, because you won’t allow it and neither will your soul’s mate. Most believe that what we call our souls is what separates us from the animals, but I chose to believe that everything has a soul it’s just human beings communicate with their souls different than the animals. We as humans use the soul as a driving force so in our realm, the soul is what motivates the physical, so that means there is no way a mans physical needs will outweigh what his soul needs and in this case that means it’s mate. In other words, the soul will never do anything to risk it’s mate once it has found it. Soulmates have more than the connection we call love to have found your soul’s mate you have to connect on all levels with a person. One must connect on an intellectual level with their soulmate, and though the soul does not care about IQ’s your soulmate must stimulate your mind. One must connect emotionally with their soulmate, meaning soulmates know when the other is emotionally in turmoil whether it’s expressed to them or not. Soulmates may physically connect and enjoy each other physically and they may even feel what society calls “romantic” love, but that is the least important connection with soulmates which is obvious from the name “SOUL-mate”. The physical connection you feel for your soulmate should simply be considered a wonderful byproduct of connected souls and not it’s driving force. The butterflies in your stomach, your heart racing, or the emotional high you get from being in that person’s presence sometimes fade over time, but soulmates have no end date. Although this is only my personal opinion and cannot be stated as a fact. The way that I would tell any reader to test this theory is to ask someone who has claimed to have found their soulmate, but not have they found them but that has been with them for a long time, and ask them how did they know they had found their soulmate. You’ll come to soon realize for yourself that soulmates are not found at all, they’re recognized.  –TheEndWill.Com

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