The Pressure of Life

How do you feel about pressure? Is it Good or Bad…
What brought this on is the fact that when you say that pressure makes diamonds these day’s this pessimistic society normally responds by saying that pressure also busts pipes. But me being the person that I am I will normally respond by saying that’s another good job by pressure look at him pointing out the weaknesses. Because I will never let anyone take away from me the fact that I love pressure! It’s the one thing that lets me know that I’m alive. I think pressure is wonderful and is one of the most important things in existence next to the truth. Those two elements will tell you a lot about a person how honest they are and how they react under pressure. The thing I love most about pressure is that it makes things react, things under pressure move so if things feel stagnant just start applying pressure and things will move. Now, this is the one reason that makes the truth more important because to find the areas you’ll need to apply pressures will come from you being honest with yourself, it is because that moment of truth you’ll be able to properly address yourself and not everyone else with the correct pressures. I blame no one for the mistakes in my life but myself and my loved ones whom decisions led us to this point, and I dedicate my life to figuring out how to remove these pressures for us. And not only do I accept it but I’ll accept it with a smile for I know that in the End that is how I’ll be remembered most. –TheEndWill.Com

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