Why we need General Sara Suten Seti

First off I ask can a nation last or even exist without a general?…

Most people will tell you that we live in a time when people need to figure out how to get along together better and we don’t need someone constantly pointing out the potential problems that others present. Although I believe that we live in a time where people should be figuring out how to get along better, and with the massive amounts of info we have access to paired with the technology we have access to one would think that this would be an easy process. But I personally believe that we need someone uncompromising to any other group to warn us of any potential dangers these other groups present. Luckily our community has this and he goes by the name of The General Sara Suten Seti.

General Seti lives up to his name and is everything a nation should want in a general. I really mean this like take a moment and think “If I was a leader of a nation, then what qualities would I want in my general?”, well, I would definitely want someone intelligent, fearless, passionate about the nation, but most importantly someone that is uncompromising in regards to the nations well being. The General does not lead the nation he leads the army of men that protect the nation, the leader is normally a president, a king, an emperor, or a Pharaoh. These leaders may be willing to compromise certain ideas, beliefs, or positions a nation holds to advance that nation, but not the General. The General holds only one idea, one belief, and one position, and that is to protect the nation at all cost, and General Seti is that to the core.

I’ve heard General Seti destroy with logic and proof from their very own text most of these religious concepts that hinder and stagnate our people. I’ve personally seen him in one of the roughest neighborhood in Miami at night with no security or police protection speaking his message. And as far as explaining his passion for a black nation and his unwillingness to compromise its existence would be a waste of our time because if you have ever heard of this man than you know that he is this through and through.

So regardless of their race when I’m asked about The General Sara Suten Seti I say without thinking “I love The General!”, and if they say, “but you know he does not like these people or he said this about this group of people.” I politely tell them, “well I personally believe there is space for all different types of people on this earth and that we should all love one another, but I’m also very aware of history so just in case, I don’t want my General to love all people only those in our nation.”

So in closing our General’s mission isn’t about “love” it is about “BLACK POWER!!!!”, because with the issues our black nations face black’s gaining true power is the only way… -TheEndWill.Com

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