What’s Next?

The thrill of the unknown… What is more thrilling than exploring the unknown… We sometimes in life tend to cling to those things that are most familiar, simply because those things make us most comfortable… But to me, comfort is nothing more than a death sentence… Comfort is a reward for idle time, and time is something you can never get back… PLUS… What is more thrilling than the unknown?… Some may say what is unknown or what do YOU mean specifically when YOU say unknown?… Well, that’s an easy one for me to explain when I say unknown I mean something new… I look at learning something new as learning something that maybe no one else knows… Because no one knows the perfect combination so why couldn’t your chosen combination of knowledge be the perfect mix to formulate that plan to fix the world… Or maybe it is just good to always be on your toes… SO YEA BE PARANOID, and by that I mean to be super aware of the world around you, because that is what it means to “be woke” or “conscious” … So never let anyone take that thrill of the unknown away from you because the end is most definitely unknown and no matter what… -TheEndWill.Com

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