Liberals VS Conservatives

Liberals versus conservatives and which side should you choose if you want to help black people… Well, I say fuck them both because in my mind it simply a choice between a covert discrimination and an overt discrimination… These two abstractions are prisons used to trap not only blacks but it traps us all in ways of thinking and it forces us to pick a side… Although I am one that believes blacks need to find a way positive and productive form of groupthink, and I am also one that believes that all parts of this American system is not bad and should be kept… These concepts were not made for us to use in a beneficial way, but they were made to categorize us and the ways of dealing with us… So why go along with the system period?… I have a strong dislike for both sides and I can’t lie I normally get a little sick inside when someone black talks as a representative for either side… No person can be purely a liberal or conservative, we need both of these concepts to survive in this world so whenever someone forces you to pick one of these sides they are truly trying to trap you… Always remember the old strategy of divide and conqueror, and it is only once we realize that we are all things that exist that… -TheEndWill.Com

P.S. Always pick your own abstractions…

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