Toxic people

Some people in this world are addicted to toxic people… They may recognize this or they may not but their behavior and/or actions will tell you regardless… Now to always be fair I think it is important to define exactly what I am talking about before I give my opinion on the subject… So when I say toxic people I mean people who don’t have your best interest at heart… Let us compare it to an actual toxic thing, for example, poisons are toxic and poisons are toxic whether they know it or not and because we can not communicate with poisons we don’t know know if it is toxic by choice or by circumstance… Well, I’m one to argue the same thing about toxic people, some people are toxic and know they don’t have the other person’s best interest at heart and some people may genuinely not know regardless of our ability to communicate… But staying with this poison analogy, how do you handle poisons?… Because the poison does not know that it is a poison do you drink it because it is a liquid and from our best understanding that is what we are supposed to do with most liquids or once you see the way that this liquid behaves once ingested do you handle it a certain way?… Well, I argue the same thing about people… I say that regardless of whether people know what they are doing or not or if they are doing it on purpose or not, why would I voluntarily drink their poison?… BUT some people do drink this poison and this becomes the conundrum…

Some people are addicted to these types of toxic individuals purely because they are toxic individuals themselves… These people are no different than any other addict with this very toxic behavior they demonstrate and sometimes they are worse… The reason I say that in some cases they are worse because they voluntarily drink the poison knowing the outcome but they want sympathy when they experience the outcome instead of just not drinking the poison… So with that said I say never have sympathy for toxic people because they will never learn the lessons they need to learn, simply treat them as their behavior demands because it is only when a person realize for themselves who and what they are… -TheEndWill.Com

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