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What was the real Nipsey Hussle threat?
(If I was to believe in some type of conspiracy around his death)

First off, RIP Nipsey Hussle, and my condolences to your family. I’d like to say that I’m all for conspiracy theories, but if we are going to propagate them, please meditate on them first. IF I was going to believe that the system killed him, I would not attribute it to the Dr. Sebi documentary he was working on.

A documentary that was eventually finished by Nick Cannon…

Dr. Sebi’s information is well known and accessible to the public, down to diet plans, the system does not hide or ban this info. Dr. Sebi’s program would only be dangerous to the system if people in mass were willing to follow it, but the average person does not have the discipline to do so. People consume things we know are poisonous to our bodies often and explain it away by saying things like “we have to enjoy life” or “you only live once”, so why would we believe people would change their diets based on a documentary when there’s literally thousands of documentaries telling us that our diets are killing us.

The more likely scenario in my mind…

If I was to believe that Nipsey Hussle’s murder was part of a conspiracy, then I’d probably say look at how this man used his resources. Unlike most rappers, he invested back into his community, rapped about doing so, and encouraged other rappers to do the same. This is very dangerous to the system we live in. He was independent for the bulk of his career, which means the system did not know the inner workings of his movement during that time.

Are record deals a danger to the revolution? Would “The System” not only allow it but promote it?…

Signing deals with record labels changes that dynamic drastically, first it gives an outside entity at least the right to ask you to change certain things you’re saying because now they are invested in you. Second, it gives an entity with way more resources and power access to your inner circle, which is the most dangerous situation you could put yourself in if you’re a revolutionary or even just someone not cooperating with the systems initiatives. 

In Conclusion…

Both Dr. Sebi and Nipsey Hussle’s legacies are hard to follow but can bring about significant change if followed properly, but that’s simply my belief. But this system is smart, so while we are at work thinking about how we are going to feed ourselves, it has thousands of think tanks planning our futures. With that being said, sometimes the things that seem so obvious aren’t really why things happen, because nothing stops the documentary from coming out. Actually, his death brings it more attention, but nothing in the world will give us another Nipsey Hussle verse after his hard drives are released and now Crenshaw and Slauson have one less black investor. May every new rapper follow the Nipsey Hussle model left for us, Thanks Neighborhood Nip…

Chris Miller

Chris Miller

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