Are you getting what you deserve in life?…

Before I start this, let’s look up the word deserve.

Equipped with the definition, what do you actually deserve in life?

Does the fact you have worked all your life mean that you “deserve” a nice car or a nice house? Do a vast majority of the people in the world have worked hard all of their life, and do all those people have an impressive car and house? Or does only a small percentage of those people have those things because society rewards certain work differently?

I think we all get what we deserve in life. Those who have nice things go out and get them, they dedicate their lives to pursuing said things, and someone sacrifices for it. Be it you or a spouse or a family member or even a friend, someone will make a sacrifice for it. So whenever you say “I deserve”, always be able to point out the sacrifice that makes you worthy of the reward, or you might already be receiving the punishment. Death is the only gift “god” promised us all, I’m guessing he felt like death is a gift we all deserved…


Chris Miller

Chris Miller

Hello, my name is Chris but I go by The End because if you're having a problem my sole purpose is to let you know that The End Will Come... Nothing lasts forever, not people, not possessions, not even this planet, so why would your problems be the exception... We have been taught all our lives that The End is this horrible thing, but it really doesn't have to be that way because together we could actually win in The End...

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