What is The Shield, and can it fix a problem between minorities and the police?…

The Shield, An Automotive Information Pouch That Stores Vehicle Documents

The product has made it easy to interact with law enforcement officers during a stop, helping to reduce anxiety…

In America, a traffic stop can be a dangerous situation, especially when you’re a person of color. UShieldMe would like to announce their new and innovative product called ‘The Shield’. It is an automotive information pouch that stores vehicle information in one place, making it easy to interact with the law enforcement officer during a traffic stop. The Shield eliminates the need for a user to search for vehicle information; it’s already there even before the officer exit their vehicle. The Shield is designed to not just make it easy to present vehicle information but also to save lives.

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“It’s not easy for many Americans, especially people of color, to conveniently interact with the police during a stop. Records show that many young men have lost their lives while police have also been put in dangerous spots during such a time. The Shield is a product that makes it easy to present vehicle information during a stop, with no risks. Both parties are able to interact peacefully since the pouch contains all the information needed. The Shield will save lives and prevent unfavorable situations,” said Christopher Miller, CEO of USHIELDME.

This is a significant number for both races based on their population size in America, but with Black-Americans having the smaller population it shows a difference in treatment also…

The Shield is not just an ordinary pouch. It’s an automotive information product with sections that hold different kinds of vehicle documents for easy access. It’s very compact so that users can easily and readily make it available during a stop, even before the office leave their vehicle. There are two different models of the product that users can choose from. This includes The Shield, which is a thin vinyl magnetic vehicle information holder. There is also The Shield Elite, which is made of Faux Leather and is also magnetic.

“We all know that your vehicle information is always scattered everywhere in your car. This black brother has created a powerful invention that helps you get all the vehicle information in one place. Let’s help support him. Let’s give our support anytime a black person creates something unique, especially when it has to do with making us safer when dealing with the law enforcement officer,” said General Seti, a fan.


USHIELDME is a company that produces The Shield, an automotive pouch that contains all the vehicle information. The company hopes to use the product to save lives and make it easier to interact with law enforcement officers during a stop. For more information, please visit www.ushieldme.com.

What other ideas can you think of that could make our interaction with law enforcement more pleasant?…

Chris Miller

Chris Miller

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