Judging the book by its Cover – My thoughts on Tommy Sotomayor…

In the end, I expect to be judged on my actions and not my words, so I ultimately judge people in that same way. This does not mean that I ignore the words that people say to me completely, I am saying though that my final judgment is based on their actions. Now if the world was to judge purely on words, what would be the standard? Well, I feel in conversation truth is supreme, or the conversation is meaningless, and not “your truth” whatever that means, but the truth period should be the purpose of all conversations.

This belief is why I am a fan of Tommy Sotomayor despite his coarse language, crass analogies, and choice to generally accept the rules and labels of the society that we are all forced to live in, I place him among the greatest social influencers of our era. If I were to judge him based on the language he uses and the sometimes crass analogies, it would mean I would have to shut out 95% of the media and people with whom I’ve come in contact. His acceptance of the rules and labels are something that we all accept in some shape or form, voluntarily or involuntarily, but we all accept them. Me not agreeing with the labels and rules provided to us by this country and feeling as though we should create our own does not make someone, who ultimately wants the same thing for my people, my mortal enemy. On the contrary, that would make him my ally with a difference in opinion, an ally in which I have to get a similar understanding, and even if that never happens, that does not change our similar goals and recognition of a similar problem.

The better approach is to have a conversation with the person, which I have done.

And yes, he kept his word, and not only did he buy the amount he promised, but he paid me extra! How could you not have some love for someone that is so genuine? Not only that, but we continued to work together so much that he made me a “Pro-Black”, a producer on his documentary ‘A Fatherless America’ which is something that I am proud to be a part of.

In closing, I’d like to say all saints don’t think the same or have all the same beliefs and neither do all sinners, but they ALL have one thing in common if nothing else and that is they have picked a side and joined the war. I’d like to thank Tommy Sotomayor for not only entertaining me but more importantly for making me think, whether I’m agreeing or disagreeing at the time, and that is something that TV has never done for me.

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Chris Miller

Chris Miller

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