Is the Metaverse the answer to all of black people’s problems?…

When I hear about the current Metaverse in conversations, it is usually in an enormous cloud of apprehensiveness, especially with blacks. Other races usually speak about it from a business perspective, even with the knowledge of what app-based social media is doing to our society at this very moment.

This is completely understandable considering our position in this society and our history with the launch of new things, combined with the fact that it’s usually the ideas of others being sold to us. We black people are usually on the tail end of these trends, usually not being granted access to the new technology or knowledge until all the bugs have been ironed out and all the patents or copyrights have been filed and any revenue streams have been safely secured, it is not until then it is opened up to us for consumption.

This diagram shows all the companies actively building in this new Metaverse. They are already working on its economy and infrastructure. What have we prepared for?…

Is this new Metaverse any different? I would answer no, but then the question becomes, so what is our next move?

These articles are proof that they are working diligently on securing the revenue streams and protecting their interest within this new technology…

Do we create our own Metaverse or do we play nice with others and share in this new experience with the rest of the world? Should we say forget this Metaverse altogether and focus on the real world or the actual universe we currently live in? These are questions that should be at the forefront of our minds as this new technology approach because regardless of how much of an impact this new Metaverse will have on our lives, our kids will grow up with it.

Venturing into the new can be scary sometimes, but it can also be exciting, so what category should this new Metaverse fall into? Should we be scared to expose ourselves to this new form of technology and view it as another way to trap our minds or should we be excited about this new way of connecting and look for as many opportunities within it? In a certain context, this Metaverse could provide us with a do-over, a chance to not respond in our normal predictably irrational way. We could collectively plan an approach to this new world we are about to enter into and not just deal with whatever we dealt with individually as we face it.

In my opinion, we should take our greatest minds in technology and in economics and gift them with the task of researching this Metaverse to have them come up with a strategy to approach this new technology as conquerors and not just consumers. Because there’s very little power in consumption compared to the amount of dependence attached to it, this society does an excellent job of promoting the little power you possess as a consumer while keeping the dependency part a secret until some brave soul speaks up. Let’s not what for someone’s moral compass to point in the right direction before we see what’s truly going on I say let’s get out in front of it.

Metaverse growth potential as stated by Bloomberg

I know people may say I see you accounted for the technological and economical ramifications, but you said nothing about the approaching psychological issues we may face. Although we may be able to make some very educational guesses as to how this new tech will affect us as a people, historical experience tells us we are not unified enough to combat any tech in that lane until we’re granted access and some case studies, so our best bet is to be able to control said tech and finance whatever movements when that time comes.

The Metaverse is not approaching, it is already here. Now it could be a fad, or it could be here to stay, but either way, it deserves some attention. What are your thoughts and how do you say we approach it as a people?…

Chris Miller

Chris Miller

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