Is Black History month still needed and if so, how should we celebrate it?…

We designate the month of February as Black History Month and I’m trying to figure out if it’s a good or bad thing. Of course, if it’s bad, the simple answer would be to not take part, but if it’s okay, how could we use it to our advantage?

Pro-Blacks generally respond by saying it shouldn’t be just 1 month out of the year and it’s the shortest month of the year, so we should be slightly insulted. But that is partly your own choice to celebrate only during the allotted period, in short, no one has banned celebrating the accomplishments and history of black people the other months out of the year. But I don’t think we should take the concept as an insult and we should wholeheartedly embrace it.

“Black History Month is in the shortest month of the year, and the coldest-just in case we want to have a parade.”

— Chris Rock

But once people settle into the monotonous routine of everyday life, is it good to have that one month that’s a yearly reminder to look into yourself? A time to look back over the history of your race and see people that resemble you overcome great odds and achieve amazing things because the way you view your own race has a lot to do with your personal behavior.

Most blacks never really learn black history in a way that could better our lives or community. This is probably due to the fact that other groups are teaching us information about ourselves. Which makes perfect sense because why would one group teach another group information that may potentially harm their own living situation in any sense?

Since schools normally have curriculums built to uphold the current system, are we comfortable with them teaching us daily about black history, or does that give others too much insight into us? Should a race or nation, not just blacks, be okay with a different race or nation teaching them about their own history, or does that provide them with too much control? I think preservation of one’s history is best left up to them, and if someone else is willing to do it for you, then there’s probably an ulterior motive.

The people that suffer most from the dismantling of the family structure share their history month with the last romantic holiday on the calendar. We should use this to our advantage and celebrate black relationships to the fullest.

Should blacks consider moving our Christmas celebration to Black History month?…

Blacks should also move their Christmas to February to get the kids excited about the month. They should decorate their home interior for black history like Christmas but with black historical stuff. Parents should have their kids look up 1 black historical figure a week and give you 3 things about them. At least 1 must be a woman. They must do this to take part in our new black Christmas. Adults should give each other gifts that relate to the holiday, i.e. books written by blacks, written about them, or black artifacts.

Blacks should make it a point to buy products from black-owned businesses for black history month. Black families should make it a point to plan trips to black destinations and, by that, I mean locations not only inhabited but that are also run by blacks. Doing these two things will help to build some type of black economy for future generations, especially if we can make these things a habit.

But for the time being, if you’re looking for some black historical info to look into, you should check out the books and YouTube channels below…

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