Predicting Trayvon Martin’s life by looking at his friends – 10 years later…

10 years ago, before his untimely death, reports said Trayvon Martin was helping to promote a movement called BISON. He wore their symbol and promoted their shows, so apparently the concept the group represented meant a lot to him, especially for him to introduce others to the concept. Click here to read the article referenced in the featured image.

The Bison Movement is an art collective based out of Miami, Florida, and their main goal is to spread light life and love, with a primary focus on promoting animal rights through a vegan lifestyle. BISON members wore dark color hoodies and made music talking about “Arizona Ice Teas”, so I wonder if BISON was the gang that Zimmerman’s lawyer tried to insinuate he had an affiliation with when they were trying to degrade his character. Maybe a look at where they are and seeing what they are doing now would give a good indication of what he would have been up to because truth be told, we are the company we keep, right?

Does BISON still exist after all this time?

The Bison Movement sits down with SoFlo Vegans to let them know what they’ve been up to.

Yes, BISON is still in existence and its mission is still the same. FREE BISON and his brother CHOICE BISON, the co-founding members of are focused on spreading a positive message to the world through various art forms. The Bison Movement knows that art is a timeless form of communication that can also cross over cultural boundaries, so their plan is to use music, digital art, and fashion to sway the new generation into doing the right things.

FREE BISON, a former close friend of Trayvon, is the group’s designated musician. FREE BISON is by far one of the most talented artists that I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to, considering his lyricism and his message, the fact that he also produces a vast majority of his own music is just the icing on the cake. You can find his music on his website, The rapper has released tribute songs in the name of Trayvon Martin, a friend he called Tray Slimm or Slimm to keep his friend’s name alive.
FREE BISON’s first Tribute song to Trayvon Martin released 10 years ago
Planet for Granted from FREE BISON’s most recent project “How to Cut A Mango”
One of FREE BISON’s edgier songs called ‘Jump Out The Roof’

FREE BISON’s Social Media:

CHOICE BISON is the movement’s artist. Known around Miami for his vegan art and artistic tattoo style, he is now gaining recognition on a national level with recent collaborations with PETA. CHOICE BISON releases a weekly art piece primarily on veganism, but he also touches on other social issues, ranging from racial issues to environmental issues. PETA recently recognized CHOICE BISON as one of 20 Black vegans that inspires their movement, a list that boasts the likes of Coretta Scott King, Pinky Cole, John Salley, Tabitha Brown, Jermaine Dupree, and Colin Kaepernick.

CHOICE BISON’s Social Media:

So 10 years later with the nation now legalizing marijuana which would remove that stigma from his character, maybe Tray Slimm would be somewhere with his friends trying to change the world. Unfortunately, Trayvon Martin is no longer here to help promote this concept of BISON with the world but you can by sharing this article with the links below and check out some art that may change your life at

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